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Welcome to Papoeira!

We are Simon, Ana Claudia and Cinzia, also now known as Lapinha, Cutia and Manteiga since that fateful day we got bitten by the capoeira bug!

The bite of this bug starts to take effect slowly and imperceptibly. Maybe at first you don’t even notice anything has changed… That is until one day you realise you’re more worried about when is the next training session, or where there’s a roda this evening, than you are about the aches and pains in your weary limbs!

One day, we had a thought – To try to create a space where every Capoerista, regardless of nationality, group style of capoeira, age or ability, could find information, advice, history, curiosities and music… essentially anything that the capoeira bug might demand.

So Papoeira.com was born, and little by little we’ll be adding articles, videos, tutorials and links in order to make it easy for you to discover more about that little bug known as Capoeira, for which there is no cure!

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