The 8 Training Sequences of Mestre Bimba

Mestre Bimba created eight training sequences, which he considered covered the basic fundamental moves of capoeira.

These sequences served as a didactic tool, and thus help new capoeiristas to enter the roda and learn the art of the game.

This contribution was revolutionary, so much so that nowadays capoeiristas from all over the world still use them to introduce capoeira to new students.

Please bear in mind that over time, variations have developed in the way different groups train the sequences. Some may do the au to the front, others the back. Some include the cabeçada after every negativa, others no, and so on.

We are not saying that these are the definitive sequences, but hopefully this post can serve as a reference if you are wanting to incorporate them into your training.

Please also note that the names for movements can vary between (and even within) capoeira groups. If you’re unsure, hopefully you can work it out from the diagrams!

First Sequence

Capo 1: Meia lua de frente (from back leg), Ginga, Meia lua de frente (from back leg), stepping straight into Armada, Aú, rolé

Capo 2: Cocorinha, Cocorinha – Negativa


Second Sequence

Capo 1: Queixada, Queixada, Cocorinha, Benção, Aú, rolé

Capo 2: Cocorinha, Cocorinha, Armada, Negativa, Cabeçada

segunda secuencia

Third Sequence

Capo 1: Martelo, Martelo, Cocorinha, Benção, Aú, Rolé

Capo 2: Cocorinha, Cocorinha, Armada, Negativa, Cabeçada

Tercera secuencia

Forth Sequence

Capo 1: Galopante, Galopante, Godemi, Negativa, Cabeçada

Capo 2: Esquiva (esquiva lateral sin poner mano en el suelo y acompañando el galopante), Esquiva, Bloqueo del godemi, Arrastão, Aú, Rolé


Fith Sequence

Capo 1: Giro con brazos abiertos, Joelhada protegiendo con los brazos en cruz por encima de la cabeza de nuestro compañero, Aú, Rolé

Capo 2: Esquiva acompañando, Cabeçada, apartamos la rodilla con las manos y bajamos a Negativa, Cabeçada


Sixth Sequence

Capo 1: Meia lua de Compasso, Cocorinha, (Joelhada in some variations)

Capo 2: Cocorinha, Meia lua de Compasso


Seventh Sequence

Capo 1: Armada, Cocorinha, Armada, Cocorinha, Benção, Aú, Rolé

Capo 2: Cocorinha, Armada, Cocorinha, Armada, Negativa, Cabeçada


Eighth Sequence

Capo 1: Benção pulado, Aú, Rolé

Capo 2: Negativa, Cabeçada


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