Challenge #capocovid19 Nº 7: Berimbau Skills ii

Challenge #capocovid19 Nº 7: Berimbau Skills ii

So it’s time for more berimbau practice!

Don’t have a berimbau at home, you can still learn the toques.

Practice them either verbally by saying “ding dong dong”, or hitting things with a chopstick.

No, it’s not the same, but it will help you learn the rhythm at least, and it’s better than nothing.

If you can learn the theory, the practice will be a lot easier when you finally get your hands on a berimbau again.

Learn to play the rhythm:



Challenge #capocovid19

Cavalaria was one of the 8 toques used by Mestre Bimba. It was used as a warning if the police were approaching.

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