Papoeira Podcast #5

Papoeira’s fifth podcast is  on the air!

A podcast made by capoeiristas for capoeiristas.

Our last podcast of 2018 is a commemoration of the centennial of Capoeira Regional created by Mestre Bimba in September 1918

We have an exclusive interview with his son Mestre Nenel, during the launch of his book “Bimba, a century of regional capoeira” and much more:

  • Quadra x Ladainha
  • Curiosities of the life of Mestre Bimba
  • The berimbau rhythms of regional

A huge thank you with all our heart to our dear Terça and Mestre Asa Branca for the help and the opportunity to bring us this interview from the other side of the ocean.

We owe you a cold one!

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