This book is one-of-its-kind

It is unusual, a miracle even, to see this kind of books making it to the shelves of any bookstores when its target readers make up such a narrow niche of the market. Often, books focusing less on their commercial value get easily turned down by publishers for obvious reasons. Targeted at non-Portuguese speaking capoeira enthusiasts, who are rigorous enough to devote time and energy on the language thereof, this book offers short bite-size lessons that are built upon familiar capoeira tunes. As readers immerse themselves into the melodic vibe of this martial art, they too will learn their way to decipher the lexical choice and syntactic orders of Portuguese. Better yet, you will not find complicated grammar rules or matrix-size conjugation tables in its contents. There is no expansive grammatical dissection of sentences either. The author uses expressions and catchy phrases authentically within the context which are vastly applicable to real-life conversations. Extended resources and reading clips are also available online for those interested in the historical and cultural dimensions of capoeira. For the price of less than a single capoeira session, this book is worth more than twice the price I paid. I sincerely recommend it to capoeiristas who come from other language backgrounds like me.

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