Oi Sim Sim Sim – Capoeira Song – Lyrics, English Translation and Meaning

Oi Sim Sim Sim Capoeira Song – Lyrics, English Translation and Meaning

It doesn’t take much to translate the words of this song – But have you thought about what the song is actually trying to say?

Oi sim sim sim
Oi não não não

Mas hoje tem amanhã não
Mas hoje tem amanhã não

Oh yes yes yes
Oh no no no

Today we have, but tomorrow no
Today we have, but tomorrow no

Oi Sim Sim Sim deeper meaning?

At first listen, Oi Sim Sim Sim sounds like simply a playful song, and perhaps that is indeed what it is – no one can really say for sure the intended meanings behind these old songs which were passed down orally from generation to generation.

Personally, however, I believe that there is more to the meaning of the song, and that it is actually quite profound.

Typically here in the West, when we think of ancient philosophy, it is the Greek and Asian traditions that come to mind. This is not surprising as these cultures had a great deal of power and influence, plus their philosophies were recorded and preserved in books and documents.

Buddhism and Stoicism are two such traditions of thought that have survived to this day, and still have significant influence on many people’s lives, myself included.

Two central shared themes to both philosophies are that life is full of:


The future is unknowable, unpredictable, and capricious. You can’t count on any future outcome for certain. Maybe yes, maybe no – Oi sim sim sim, oi não não não!


Nothing lasts forever, for better or worse. Objects, money, power, relationships, health, success… Mas hoje tem, amanhã não…

So Oi Sim Sim Sim may just seem like a fun song that’s easy to learn, but perhaps it also contains some ancient wisdom, passed down through the centuries.

While Africa or Brazil might not be the first places that come to mind when it comes to philosophy, this is not because they didn’t have great philosophers, just that they didn’t have the power structures or technology to disseminate their ideas in the same way.

Despite all odds, however, important ideas do survive to this day, and reach us in the form of songs and stories passed from mouth to mouth, generation to generation.

So next time you sing Oi sim sim sim consider that perhaps much more than just a silly song, but ancient wisdom which you are helping keep alive and spread!

Or perhaps not? Maybe it’s just my overactive imagination projecting my beliefs onto the song… What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions – leave us a comment below!

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