Papoeira Podcast #1

The first Papoeira is on air, a podcast made by capoeiristas for capoeiristas.

To complement and enrich the content of our website, from now on we will publish fortnightly podcasts in which you can listen to information about the world of capoeira, curiosities, stories, songs and interviews with grandes mestres and references in the world of the ginga.

Stay tuned we’re just getting started! Axé

In the first Papoeira podcast we greet our readers and listeners with some history and trivia with regards to a classic, very well known song from rodas around the world, news (almost) hot off the press from the world of capoeira, and an interview with Mestre Primo.

The podcast is in Portuguese – If you’re still not so fluent, we have an English transcription of the interview with Mestre Primo here.

Desfrutem camaradas!

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