Adeus Povo Bom, Adeus – Capoeira Song

Adeus Povo Bom, Adeus – Capoeira Song Lyrics and English Translation

Adeus povo bom adeus
Adeus eu já vou me embora
Pelas ondas do mar eu vim
Pelas ondas do mar eu vou me embora

Goodbye good people, goodbye
Goodbye, I’m leaving now
By the waves of the sea I came
By the waves of the sea I’m leaving

There are various different categories of song in Capoeira, for all different types of situation.

Though of course traditions vary from style to style and group to group, it is very common that the tempo and energy of the music and singing builds throughout the roda, culminating in a farewell song such as this one.

Usually it is sung to the berimbau playing a very fast rhythm, and the games are played fast and short.

Vamos embora!

Vamos embora is a phrase you’ll hear a lot in Brazil.

Ir-se embora = To leave
Ir embora

Traditionally ir-se the reflexive version of the verb ir (to go) was combined with embora to say “to leave”.

Vou (me) embora = I’m leaving

Nowadays most Brazilians drop the reflexive pronoun (me, se, etc).

It is still widely used in the North East of Brazil and in Portugal however, and was normal in old Portuguese (as in this Capoeira song), so don’t be surprised or confused when you hear it.

Vamos embora = We’re leaving / Let’s Go!

Another super useful little phrase that you’ll hear (and use) all the time.

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