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The Myth

But I’m not good at languages!

I’d always wanted to learn a second language, I’d started many times, but never got anywhere.

At age 33 I thought I was destined to remain your typical monoglot English speaker forever.

But just 4 years later, I was fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and Catalan with a fairly reasonable level of French to boot, so what happened?

Means, Motive and Opportunity

The reason that most of us fail to retain any of the languages we were taught at school is because we didn’t have the means, motive or opportunity, not because we lacked the ability.

We were forced to learn languages we weren’t interested in (no motive), didn’t have anyone to practice with (no opportunity), using outdated and ineffective teaching techniques (no means).

Fortunately for you as a Capoeirista, you now have a powerful MMO to learn Portuguese!


You’re a Capoeirista!

Even if a trip to Brazil isn’t on the cards right now, Portuguese is the lingua franca of Capoeira. Go to an event in Italy, Poland or China and you’ll be able to make amigos.

Not to mention speaking Portuguese will revolutionise your singing in the roda!


Your fellow Capoeiristas!

Not just the native speakers from Brazil, but also the millions who already speak Portuguese as a second language. You have a world full of Capoeiristas to practice with.

There are also many books, documentaries and podcasts about Capoeira that are only available in Portuguese – a motive and an opportunity in one!


This is where myself and the Papoeira.com team step in…

Forget the boring and ineffective language classes you endured at school. There are much more fun and effective ways to learn – we’ve put them together into our Portuguese for Capoeirstas eBook!

The Papoeira Technique

Portuguese for Capoeiristas is more than just a grammar book.

We use a variety of tried and tested language learning techniques that will make sure you succeed – Adeus monoglot anglophone!

  1. Melody Aids Memory

    Each lesson in the book is based around a well known Capoeira song.
    We don’t just teach the song, we break down the grammar and show you how the words and phrases can be used in everyday situations.

  2. Audio Assistance

    Reading and writing are just part of the story. Listening and speaking is where the real challenge starts.
    To help you, we have added pronunciation guides, and audio files for each lesson.

  3. Flash, aa-aah!

    Each chapter comes with its own set of “Anki Flashcards” that work via an algorithm which will burn new words into your memory! The cards use visual imagery so you’ll associate the words directly with the concepts. Rather than translate from English, you’ll learn to think in Portuguese.

  4. Exercises and Challenges

    Use it or lose it… That’s the key with a new language. After each lesson, you’ll find exercises and suggestions for messages to send to “language buddies”. Putting what you’ve learned to use in a real context really helps make it stick.

  5. Ongoing Support

    We’re always just a few keystrokes away. Any questions, doubts or ideas, we’re happy to hear from you any time!

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The Team

Simon “Lapinha” Whyatt

Resident Anglophone and Former Monoglot.
Started late in the language game at 33, now fluent in 4 languages – living proof it is never too late!

Cinzia “Manteiga” Barberis

Our languages expert. Professional translator with a whopping 7 languages under her belt! Grammar doubts, just ask Manteiga…

Ana Claudia “Cutia” Paschoal

Our very own Brazilian – Not just any native speaker, but also talented vocalist. It is Cutia’s dulcet tones that grace the audio tracks.